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Skiertąg Lake

The main beach of this lake is located 300m from TAILOR HOTEL Sport & Conference. The river Drela flows into of this lake and it ends in Ruda Woda Lake. There is pier on the beach and a beach ball game area.

Narie Lake

It is one of the most beautiful Polish lakes with an area of over 1,240 ha. There are 19 islands in the lake. Rentals of water equipment, bicycles, various kinds of entertainment and a shopping centre are situated around the lake. Kretowiny and Bogaczewo are the main villages with a beach and tourist attractions, along with the fishing centre in Bogaczewo, where you can obtain a fishing licence. The “Quay” Sailing Club of Morąg is also located there.

Marshes of Morąg and a scenic path

It is a wetland ecosystem with numerous species of water and marsh plants and a nesting place of over 150 bird species (up to 18 of the species nesting there are on the list of the “Polish red book of animals”, and a site of migrating birds. The marshes span 128.7 ha. The beauty of nature may be admired thanks to a walking route and two observation towers.

Goat Farm in Złotna

It is a certified organic farm, a place where plants are grown and animals are raised.

The farm offers home-made goat’s milk cheeses: short-maturing rennet cheeses, cream cottage cheese made of pasteurized and unpasteurized milk, brine and smoked goat cheeses, as well as kefirs and yoghurts.

It is also a perfect place for meetings, tasting, environmental education and relaxation close to nature.

Horse Riding in Raj

Horse riding for people of all ages, both beginners and advanced.

We invite you to recreational horse riding, tours for children, field riding, as well as hippotherapy on calm and durable Hutsul horses, which are especially liked by children.



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